Corporate Group, Inc. is a private investment firm with a diversified long-term investment approach that provides centralized leadership and support services for its portfolio companies.  Ownership was established in 1933 with a custom tool and die shop startup in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The firm has grown steadily through a series of strategic acquisitions aligned within several distinct industries, thus establishing the foundation of Corporate Group, Inc.

Today, Corporate Group supports the operations of several unique companies which generate more than $200 million in revenue and employs over 900 highly dedicated professionals who are deeply committed to providing customer satisfaction and responsive support.

As a private business development enterprise, Corporate Group drives the long-term strategic expansion of its member companies through its ability to provide:

Financial capital is overseen by an experienced management team with an adaptable business plan focused on growth and opportunity.

Leadership and support for services in accounting, human resources, technology support, marketing, and strategic planning.

Advanced technology infrastructure that gives members access to robust, forward-thinking technologies and technical support for efficient operations.

Corporate Group is committed to internal and external expansion which drives future opportunities and benefits our customers and employees.