Dos and Don’ts for New-Hire Orientation

Whether you are a large organization or a small company who adds new personnel only once in a while, establishing great introductory procedures is critical for retention, morale, and productivity.  This list of Dos and Don’ts will help managers improve results and establish a corporate culture people will rave about.  More →

Are you Prepared for an OSHA Inspection?

OSHA continues to step-up its enforcement efforts and as an employer, you need to be ready.  Don’t be left scrambling when OSHA comes knocking on your door.  Find out what happens when OSHA arrives.  Understand what triggers an inspection.  Learn what you can do to prepare and how to avoid common pitfalls.  More →

Better Benefits Plan with a Roth 401K

There is evidence that many individuals in the American workforce will fall short when it comes to saving for retirement. One step employers can take is to educate employees and encourage them to make the most of the employer managed plans available to them.  Incorporating a Roth 401K helps companies stay competitive and supports employees of all ages.   More →